Inside a cube


In a dystopian future, an individual creates a space where the virtual world collides with the real world. As the individual becomes one with the objects he spawned, his physical body dissipates and melds with the virtual space.

“Inside a cube” is an experimental video, created in a collaborative process
between the six artists and designers and a musician. 

Konzept: Timon Christen, Gianni Horst, Brigitte Fässler, Philip Whitfield, Martin Fuchs, Simon Moser
Directed by: Timon Christen, Gianni Horst, Brigitte Fässler
Visual Effects: Undef, Sifon, Peter Bichsel, Fabian Frei
Art Direction: Timon Christen
Cut: Faessler&Horst, Modulwerk
Dancer: Sebastian Zuber
Sound: Jimi Jules
Make Up: Manuela Forster
Assistent: Mannik Keng, Nicoletta Gönczöl